I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog for WindBlue Power.  I am back and plan on posting monthly blogs at the minimum and look forward to your feedback.  I am open to constructive criticism but please keep it honest and civil.

Today I’ll update you on the company.  As you might know it was founded by two brothers, Kevin and Doug, and I started with them on day one as an employee.  A few years ago Kevin stepped down and Doug became sole owner.  Last year Doug decided to pursue other interests and Kevin and I purchased WindBlue Power from him.  So although WindBlue Power technically has “new” owners it does not have different owners.  Kevin and I are committed to delivering the same quality and integrity that WindBlue Power is known for.

One thing I want to do is post more pictures of your WindBlue Power turbines or projects on our website.  It’s been a while since new ones have appeared.  Thanks for the recent ones I have received, they will be posted soon.








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