If any of customers have wondered about our semmingly random packing choices here is the reason:

We try to be as green as we can, which includes our packing materials.  We repurpose whenever it is practical. Some of our vendors use styrofoam to ship our orders.  It cannot be recycled so  we reuse as much of it as we can to pack your orders instead of sending it to the landfill.  Another company  sends the boxes it receives through a cutter and uses that for packing.  We in turn use it for your orders.  The new packing materials we purchase are recyclable whenever possible.  We buy biodegradable peanuts, made from cornstarch.  The one thing we cannot find a green alternative to is foam sheets.  Nothing protects like it does.  If any of you have a suggestion for a good replacement I’m all ears.

It is not the easiest way to pack but I cannot justify sending something to the landfill, or even to the recyclers, if it can be used one more time.  And maybe you can repurpose it too.  And please recycle when you can.  If we all do a little much can be accomplished.


Energy Bill

The Indiana Senate recently passed SB309, which would in effect eliminate net metering.  It is on its way to the House.  I am concerned not only for Indiana but for  the precedence it could set for other states.  As I understand it one provision in the bill is what is referred to as “Sell All, Buy All”.  This would require alternative energy to users to sell ALL of their produced electricity to their power company at wholesale price, then buy ALL they use at retail price.  To me this would be like requiring  home gardeners to sell their tomatoes to the grocery store at wholesale rates, then buying it back from to them at retail prices.  I find this particulary distubing.  If I purchase a wind turbine, solar panels, or hydro unit I should be able to use it myself.  Also, this could have a devasting efect on Indiana solar companies.  I’m sure this bill is more complicated than the few words I’ve written here but I understand enough of it to be concerned.  The only beneficiary I see from this is the utilitiy companies.  If this should pass our only recourse, as I see it, would be to go totally off grid.  And that is extremely difficult to accomplish in most situations.  The one saving grace of this bill is that its effective date is years away.

I imagine other states are watching Indiana to see if it passes.  This bears keeping an eye on in your state.  We must be vigilant and protect our rights.




Old to New

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog for WindBlue Power.  I am back and plan on posting monthly blogs at the minimum and look forward to your feedback.  I am open to constructive criticism but please keep it honest and civil.

Today I’ll update you on the company.  As you might know it was founded by two brothers, Kevin and Doug, and I started with them on day one as an employee.  A few years ago Kevin stepped down and Doug became sole owner.  Last year Doug decided to pursue other interests and Kevin and I purchased WindBlue Power from him.  So although WindBlue Power technically has “new” owners it does not have different owners.  Kevin and I are committed to delivering the same quality and integrity that WindBlue Power is known for.

One thing I want to do is post more pictures of your WindBlue Power turbines or projects on our website.  It’s been a while since new ones have appeared.  Thanks for the recent ones I have received, they will be posted soon.